Juneau Port of Call
Mount Roberts Tramway
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The Mount Roberts Tramway starts just a few hundred feet from the dock and gives a great view of the harbor. There are quite a few eagles around Juneau as well. All of the pictures above were taken with a telephoto lens. The mountain is actually a lot higher than these pictures make it look.
Pilot's Choice Helicopter Glacier Explorer Tour
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The Pilot's Choice Helicopter Glacier Explorer Tour costs quite a bit more than the average helicopter trip in Juneau, but it's well worth it. The regular type of trip moves as many people as possible to a specific location where they are dropped off for a few minutes, even if the weather is bad, then takes them back. This is done with a fleet of helicoptors just shuttling back and forth all day. Our Pilot's Choice tour only put 4 people in the helicoptor so everyone had a good window view. The pilot is free to go anywhere he wants within a 1500 square mile area. He searches out special scenery and landing areas that have good weather. This tour guarantees two glacier landings with a total of 30 minutes of time on the glaciers. It turned out to be our favorite shore excursion.
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