Star Princess Exterior Pictures
Ship Exterior 01, 5465 byte(s). Ship Exterior 02, 5964 byte(s). Ship Exterior 03, 5843 byte(s). Ship Exterior 04, 5514 byte(s). Ship Exterior 05, 6495 byte(s).
I cannot take credit for the five pictures above. They are from a CD that I purchased onboard the ship. I just happened to like them really well and wanted to show them here. I did manage to capture a few decent exterior shots of my own, which you will see in some of the other picture galleries.
Life Boat Drop 01, 6272 byte(s). Life Boat Drop 02, 7565 byte(s). Life Boat Drop 03, 6015 byte(s). Life Boat Drop 04, 5802 byte(s). Life Boat Drop 05, 3610 byte(s).
There is a story to go with the five pictures above (which I took): The afternoon of our first full day on the water, as we were leaving College Fjord, the captain announced that we would be pulling close to a small inlet along the way to meet three float planes. The planes had been chartered by Princess to fly some luggage, which had accidentally been left behind, out to the ship. One of the ship's lifeboats was lowered into the water to go pick up the luggage.
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