Star Princess Onboard Pictures
Plaza Atrium 01, 8865 byte(s). Plaza Atrium 02, 9079 byte(s). Plaza Atrium 03, 8687 byte(s).
The Grand Plaza, also called the Atrium, is a huge, three-story open area in the center of the ship that is very impressive. It was hard to take a picture of the atrium that does justice to how it really looked. On top of that, the synthetic lighting in the area gave the pictures a strange hue. The first picture above came on the CD I bought. The other two pictures are mine.
Chess, 6242 byte(s). Skywalker Exterior, 6201 byte(s). Skywalker Entry, 9898 byte(s). Princess Theater, 8269 byte(s).
1. Chess anyone? Luckily, the pieces are not heavy. 2. In the second picture, you get a good view of the Skywalker Lounge and the entryway sloping up to it. 3. The entry to Skywalker Lounge is like a crazy disco. 4. Although the picture of the Princess Theater is dark, I included it because Genelle and I really liked watching the shows there. Princess puts on productions every bit as professional and extravegant as a show on broadway. The lighting, sound system and understage hydraulic elevators were all state-of-the-art. NOTE: I did not take the last two pictures.
Pool 01, 7427 byte(s). Pool 02, 8043 byte(s). Pool 03, 6611 byte(s). Pool 04, 6434 byte(s). Pool 05, 7489 byte(s).
I took all of the pool pictures above. 1. This indoor pool is called the Calypso pool. On those cool Alaskan evenings, this is a nice warm place to swim. The entire structure above is a huge skylight. 2. This is called the Spa pool because it is located next to the gym and a beauty shop and is surrounded by lots of rooms for massage, suntanning and other health treatments 3. There are several large Jacuzzi pools on the deck where I am standing to take this picture. The ship is not as narrow as this picture makes it look. There are large dining rooms for the 24-hour buffet just off both sides of this pool. 4 & 5. Neptune's Reef is an outdoor pool near the center of the ship. The second picture, shot from the opposite end, gives a good idea of it's location.
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