Miscellaneous Pictures from New York
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SINCE NOT ALL of the pictures in this section are self explanatory, I will provide a bit of narrative. As I previously mentioned, the cost of visiting New York right now is very enticing. We were able to stay at the Waldorf-Astoria hotel for only $159 per night in a room that would normally be $520. Three of the four pictures below were taken out the window of our room. The beautiful St. Bartholomew's church was built in 1918 and is a historical landmark (which now has a playground with a "jungle gym" on the roof of one wing).
View From Our WIndow, 8137 byte(s).
View From Our Window, 10737 byte(s).
Entrance to Waldorf-Astoria, 8041 byte(s).
View From Our Window, 10816 byte(s).
View Out of Our Window
St. Bartholomew's Church
View Out of Our Window
Office Buildings Crammed-In
Entrance to Waldorf-Astoria
View Out of Our Window
St. Bartholomew's Church
flagthinbar, 1102 byte(s).
Over half of the pictures I took were from the water aboard a Circle Line tour boat: 1) Our tour boat. 2) The Coast Guard is heavily patrolling the New York shores. 3) This huge net surrounds a golf driving range built over the water because land is too expensive. 4) This slip was built for the Titanic. She obviously never got to use it! 5) This "upside down" building houses a huge exhaust fan for one of the road tunnels going under the Hudson River. There's a matching fan on the other side. 6) & 7) This vacant factory will be torn down to build a multiple high-rise "Olympic Village" for the Olympics that New York "hopes" to get in 2012. But if New York doesn't get the Olympics, they will sell the apartments for more than enough to pay for having built the village. Or, they will sell them after the Olympics. Kind of a win-win situation!
Coast Guard Patrol, 6403 byte(s). Titanic Boat Slip, 5829 byte(s).
Circle Line Boat, 7351 byte(s). Golf Driving Range, 6393 byte(s).
4) The Titanic Is Missing.
This slip was built for her.
1) Circle Line Tour Boat
Well Worth The Money!
2) Coast Guard Patrol
3) Golf Driving Range
For the Very Rich
Exhaust Vent, 5402 byte(s). Olympic Village, 5725 byte(s). Olympic Village, 5722 byte(s).
6) Future Home of the
"2012 Olympic Village"
7) Future Home of the
"2012 Olympic Village"
5) Exhaust Vent for Road
Tunnel Under the Hudson
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1) Our night carriage ride in central park. The driver said that since September 11, he has only been getting one to two fares per night. He used to get six to eight. I gave him a really big tip. 2) This is the MTV Building in Time Square. My son camped out in front of the Dunkin Donuts shop on December 31, 1999 while waiting for the ball to drop for the New Millennium. What an experience! 3) & 4) This is the Plaza Hotel. I liked it's looks. Besides, it's where Michael Douglas and his new bride, Catherine Zeta-Jones, got married in front of 350 of their family and closest friends. It reportedly cost him $2,000,000.
Carriage Ride, 8550 byte(s). dunkindonuntsthumb, 11194 byte(s). plazahotel01thumb, 8523 byte(s). plazahotel02thumb, 9009 byte(s).
1) Carriage Ride at Night
Through Central Park
2) Dunkin Donuts Shop
in the MTV Building
3) The Plaza Hotel
4) The Plaza Hotel
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1) I just liked the look of this stretched Ford Expedition. I also saw a stretched Hummer that I liked even better, but I couldn't get a picture of it. 2), 3) & 4) The skating rink at Rockefeller Center. The rink is far enough below street level that you can't even see it from just across the street. 5) Nothing special about these raggedy old buildings, except that they are still around. 6) There was a law passed in New York back in the 1800's that all buildings over five stories must have water tanks to make sure water pressure was maintained in case of fire. It also helps even out the water pressure during normal usage. The tanks were built in-place out of wood to save having to lift large tanks from gound level. 7) I liked the ornate fire escape on this old building in Lower Manhattan.
Ultimage SUV, 8390 byte(s). Ice Rink, 9547 byte(s). Rockefeller Center, 8797 byte(s). Rockefeller Center, 8672 byte(s).
1) Ultimate Family SUV.
Keep the Kids Separated!
2) Rockefeller Center
Ice Rink
4) Rockefeller Center Square
Ice Rink is Hidden
3) Rockefeller Center
Ice Rink
Water Tank, 8781 byte(s). Fire Escape, 11121 byte(s).
Raggedy Buildings, 9690 byte(s).
6) Wooden Water Tank
7) Ornate Old Fire Escape
5) Raggedy Old Buildings
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