The World Trade Center is Missing
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Damage Map by Name, 7916 byte(s).
Before From Space, 8803 byte(s). After From Space, 8933 byte(s).
3D Color Coded Damage Map, 10368 byte(s).
Map of Damaged
Buildings by Name
3D Color Coded Map of
Ground Zero & Surrounding
WTC Before From Space
WTC After From Space
Before From Shore, 47447 byte(s).
Before From Above, 103852 byte(s). After From Above, 140230 byte(s). After From Shore, 5647 byte(s).
WTC Before From Above
WTC After From Above
WTC Before From Shore
WTC After From Shore
WTC Missing 01, 5582 byte(s).
WTC Missing 02, 6094 byte(s).
WTC Missing 03, 5606 byte(s).
WTC Missing 04, 5255 byte(s).
WTC Missing 01
WTC Missing 02
WTC Missing 03
WTC Missing 04
WTC Missing 05, 5481 byte(s).
WTC Missing 06, 5507 byte(s). WTC Missing 07, 6296 byte(s).
WTC Missing 08, 4813 byte(s).
WTC Missing 05
WTC Missing 06
WTC MIssing 07
WTC Missing 08
The picture below was recently presented to me by my good friend Matt. It was taken by a friend of his mother's who gave me permission to use it here. This beautiful picture seemed to me like a nice way to remember the towers.
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