Boats and Planes in Victoria
Unless you can afford to charter a plane, the fastest and most fun way to Victoria from Seattle is on the Victoria Clipper! By taking advantage of advance purchase and AAA discount, it's quite affordable. The Clipper may not look fast, but she moves out! With a cat hull and twin 1,850 hp turbo-diesels running jet pumps, she cruises smoothly at about 35 knots and does the trip in just over 2 hours.
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The inlet to the harbor at Victoria is a busier runway than a lot of private airports I've been at. Several airplanes landed and took off right next to the Victoria clipper as we entered the harbor. And the Clipper was just one of many boats coming and going. The airplanes just weaved their way beteen them and waited for a break in the traffic. It was pretty amazing.
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There were lots of boats and ships in the Victoria harbor from the tiny little harbor ferry to a full size research ship. The ship in the center picture is a Washington State Ferry, The Coho.
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