Butchart Gardens
The amazing Butchart Gardens are about a half-hour drive from Victoria and are well worth the trip. The gardens are open year around and are lighted at night. Although rental cars are available, city buses have regular runs to the gardens for next to nothing.

We went to the gardens at night. They were beautiful, but I didn't get the camera settings right so very few of my pictures turned out. There are trails throughout the gardens taking you to areas with unique themes. At the back of the gardens is a deep quarry with waterfalls, a pool and fountains. The fountains have multi-colored lights that change along with the shape of the water sprays.
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Welcome to the Gardens
Garden Pathway
Fountain in the Quarry
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I tried my hand at taking some flower close-ups. I had mixed results. Some pictures didn't turn out at all. However, I really like the way the rose turned out.
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Flowers 02, 13370 byte(s).
Flower Close-up 01
The Rose Close-up
Flower Close-up 02
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