Beautiful City of Victoria
Genelle and I always like to take open-top bus tours when we travel. These narrated tours give you a great overview of an area you are not familiar with. This neat old bus stopped at a vista-point on top of a local hill where I took these pictures. The residential area of Victoria is really nice! It's also some of the most expensive residential real estate in Canada.
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Open Top Tour Bus
Looking Toward the City
Looking Toward Vancouver
Victoria Residential Area
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I didn't take nearly enough pictures around the city. Here are a few. We didn't go into the underwater exhibit because it was kind of expensive and we found out that it is just a fenced-in area with captive fish and divers that herd them around.
Legislative Hall, 6492 byte(s). Underwater Exhibit, 4256 byte(s). Heading Out 01, 4315 byte(s). Heading Out 02, 7528 byte(s).
Legislative Building
Underwater Exhibit
Leaving Victoria 01
Leaving Victoria 02
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