The Empress and Laurel Point Inn
The fabulous old Empress Hotel is the focal point of Victoria, front and center at the head of the harbor. Many people are willing to shell out $48 for "high tea" held each afternoon at the Empress. For the money, they get a cup of tea, some pastries and a chance to dress up in church clothes. Genelle and I skipped that opportunity! The newer hotel in the picture on the right was at the opposite end of the harbor from the Empress.
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Genelle and I stayed at the 5-star Laurel Point Inn. Every room in this terraced hotel has a veranda with a terrific view of the harbor. The picture on the right was taken from our veranda.
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If you ever visit Victoria, we highly recommend the Laurel Point Inn for it's prime location and great views. It's just one block from the dock of the Victoria Clipper and within walking distance of anywhere in the main city. With a corporate discount, our room was $160 Canadian which is only about $98 US, depending on the exchange rate.
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